Building Inspection (樓宇勘察)


A new building or structure designed and constructed in compliance with recognized design standards will achieve a certain degree of safety which will enable the building to sustain a design serviceable life. Nevertheless, when a building once put to use will be subject to deterioration due to various reasons and the rate of deterioration will cause the safety level of building to drop gradually from its original design towards a danger line. If the problem is unattended, the degree of safety of building will finally drop to an unacceptable level. In order to promote systematic inspection and preventive maintenance measures to buildings with the objective of preventing danger from arising and to give timely warning if such danger cannot be avoided, we provide building inspection & monitoring services to various building elements, including:

1. External elements involve external wall finishes, racks, awning, planters, supporting platforms for air conditioners, mouldings, projections, architectural features, unauthorized building works, etc;

2. Structural elements involve column, walls, beams, slabs, roofs, transfer plates, cantilevered structures, water tanks & etc;